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Seven Chakras Platinum Flower of Life handmade glass plate

Precious platinum metal embedded in handmade glass.

The flower of life is sacred geometry symbolising the structure of the universe.  It is the pattern of creation, familiar to ancient civilisations for many thousands of years.

Inspired by the carvings of the flower of life in the oldest known parts of Abydos Temple in Egypt, this plate can be used as a meditation tool connecting you to the deep peace and balance within you.

As a beautiful gift, the plates can be used as holders for water glasses.  They can be used for charging crystals and jewellery or infusing drinking or spray water with the flower of life energy and the balancing energy of the seven chakra colours and our wholeness.  In spiritual or healing practice the plates can be used as the basis for or as part of an altar or grid or in any way that you are intuitively guided to work with them.

The Seven Chakra plate measures approx 12cm square, the glass is approx 6mm deep.  The Flower of Life image is created in precious platinum metal which is embedded in the surface of the handmade glass plate. Each plate has its own unique character pattern as each one is individually crafted from handmade glass, some may have small bubbles encased in the glass.  

The seven colours represent:
Red - Base Chakra
Represents our foundations in life, roots, stability, grounding to the planet & our platform for growth.

Orange - Sacral Chakra
Has an emphasis on our sensory exploration of our world, following impulses to explore. Creative centre. 

Yellow - Solar Plexus Chakra
The home of the ego, representing power and will.  Development of personal truth and uniqueness.
Green - Heart Chakra
The centre of our energy system. Our true resting place where the flow of energies from spirit & earth meet. 

Blue - Throat Chakra
Governs the communication of words and emotions. It is the bridge between our inner self and outer creation.

Indigo - Third Eye Chakra
Associated with inner vision, shining light on inner and outer experiences to bring understanding.
Violet - Crown Chakra
Connection to the universe, oneness and our innate spirituality. Allowing the universe to be our teacher.

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