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Ganesh Sconce - small light and candle screen - red, orange, yellow sunrise blend

Curved glass screen in vibrant yellow and orange with sparkling mica powder and flakes and a deep blue Ganesh design. 
Ganesh is the Elephant headed God, the remover of obstacles, a gentle and powerful spirit guide. Yellow is the colour of the Solar Plexus chakra associated with our self awareness and knowledge of our own power, Orange is the colour of the Sacral chakra associated with creativity and birthing of ideas and projects. Deep blue is for intuition, helping Ganesh to clearly show you where your blocks lie and helping you to work through and release them. 
This Sconce measures approximately 17cm wide by 13-14cm high. Stands on its own, great on a fireplace, desk or shelf with a candle or small lamp behind or on a windowsill enhancing the natural light. 
The shading and mica varies with each unique sconce.

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