Bringing focus to your visions

Today is a great day for bringing focus to your visions. It’s 28th January 2017. In numerology that’s a 1-1-1 date, the last one until 1st October this year. It’s also a New Moon (the first one of 2017) and the Chinese New Year. In colour therapy it’s red-red-red.
How much more support could we ask the Universe for? This all makes it a great time for bringing light to your vision. It’s a great day to focus on what you want to manifest today, this week, this year and over the next nine years (numerology again, we’re at the beginning of a nine year cycle having done our completion year in 2016).
If you have a current vision board then get it out today and energise it. Put it out in the sun (it is shining as I write this!) or lay some crystals on it with the intention of positively energising your dreams. If you have a set of the 7 chakra bowls then put those on it.
Ask that any fears you have around manifesting these dreams be brought forward and transmuted (you may need to look at those and see them for what they are – if they need attention then work through them).
If you really haven’t got a clear vision then be open to receive it from soul and your guides today. Ask your Guardian Angel to guide you in showing you the direction you need to go or just the first steps that you need to take for your vision to take more clarity.
And then, whatever of the above you have done or not, do something you love today. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Show the universe that you enjoy having a good time and magnetise your energy to generating more of that!
Focus on vision
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Wellbeing Fair, Saturday 11th March 2017

Wellbeing Fair 11th March 2017

Our Wellbeing Fair will be held at The Grasshopper Inn, Westerham in Kent.  We’re open from 10am to 4pm with free entry all day.

The Grasshopper Inn is a recently restored Tudor Building set in Kent countryside. It is on the busy A25 between Westerham (Kent) and Oxted (Surrey) so right on the border of the two counties. Close to Junction 6 of the M25.

The fair is in the historic Tudor Hall, with its own entrance and also connecting doors into the main bar and restaurant. With plenty of free car parking on site and easy travel access we’re looking forward to a busy day filled with meeting old friends and new, sharing what we do and having a happy and successful day for everyone whether exhibiting or visiting.

We’re bringing together a group of like minded wellbeing practitioners and businesses to create a warm, welcoming, enjoyable and successful day for all involved whether exhibiting or visiting.

With specialist products and gifts to inspire love, joy and happiness for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing; psychic readings to connect with loved ones, guides and angels and wellbeing therapies for mind, body and soul.

A full list of exhibitors is building here.

And our Facebook page for the event will have regular updates on products and services and posts from our exhibitors here.

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Tapping into possibilities and potential

wishing you a bright and sparkling 2017

Today is a 1-1-1 day.  First day of the first month in the first year of a new nine year cycle (numerologically speaking 2+0+1+7=10 and 1+0=1, therefore a ‘one’ year).  This means, that this is a good day for setting intentions, receiving and interpreting inspiration from source/our soul/the universe (however you prefer to refer to that guiding light of yours).  It’s a good day to write down or in some other way creatively express what we would like to have happen in our lives – in this way we start to translate that inspiration into a physical thing or experience, helping it to manifest in this dimension.

So, how was your day?
(At this point, heartily congratulate yourself if it was a day filled with inspiration and intention setting, you’re already way ahead!)

Well, let’s not create pressure for ourselves over the (perhaps not fully utilised) potential of the day.  It’s after dusk as I’m writing this and I’m feeling safe in the knowledge that the universe is continually providing inspiration and I’m continually setting intentions, but, there are days and times when we are better supported by the universe in receiving and deciphering that inspiration and forming our intentions with clarity.

This is one of those days.  But there will be others…

This month we have three more of those days, the 10th, the 19th and the 28th are all 1-1-1 days.  So, if you feel as though you haven’t taken full advantage of the sparks of inspiration that may have been available to you today then don’t despair, prepare, for the next one.  The sparks of inspiration that can fly through on these days, more than others, can help us to create our intentions, they can help us to spot the ideas that really light us up, those ideas that pop in and stir up something deeper within us.  Then we know that we’re setting our intentions from soul.

The planet Mercury, currently in retrograde, returns to direct on 8th January so if you’ve been caught up in the ‘fuzziness’ of Mercury retrograde (since 19thDecember) then get ready for clarity to return in good time for the 10th (a 1-1-1 day).

Of course, we have the moon cycle too that affects so many of us so deeply, and the moon also alerts us to times when we are well placed to receive inspiration, set intentions, take action and also release what no longer serves us.

Our last new moon was on 29th December, if you made wishes then, then keep working with those, the moon is now waxing (gaining in light) and reaches its halfway point this Thursday evening (5th January at 19.47 in the UK), that will be a time to focus, to discern what serves to manifest your wishes and get ready to release all that doesn’t the following week under the full moon.  It’s the time when I make my Focus Spray to enable that energy to be brought into any other times that we may need it.

Our next new moon is on Saturday 28th January, note that this is also a 1-1-1 day (the last one until October) so do prepare for this one – it’s a day of huge support from the universe to get clear on what we want to manifest this year.

January gift guide

Birth signs this month are Capricorn until 19th January, Capricorn is ruled by the Earth element, go here for Earth element inspired gifts.  From 20th January until 18thFebruary it’s Aquarius which is ruled by the Air element, go here for Air element inspired gifts.

For bringing light into every aspect of our being, the chakra bowls look great with tealight candles. These can also be bought as a Love, Joy & Happiness Kit with a ritual to follow.

The New Beginnings spray is great to support inspiration and intention setting at this time of year, and at any time to bring that new moon energy into the beginning of a project.

Small butterfly sconce Butterfly bowl on air element glass chakra bowls with candles Butterfly sconce

Wishing you lots of love, joy and happiness throughout 2017 and beyond.
Jayne x


PS. This post went out to my regular newsletter readers on 1st January 2017 with a free printable copy of one of my pastel pictures.  If you’d like to join for future newsletters with product updates and offers – you can do it here.


Jayne Britton
Finding the balance within
With energy balancing products and paintings,
Creative Confidence Workshops
& Wellbeing Fairs

Tel: 07973 834888

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Chakra symbol gemstones

The chakra gems were introduced in response to a request from a therapist who was working with a set of the chakra balancing bowls and wanted a very specific focus for healing to include the ancient symbols of each of the chakras.

Rather than create an additional set of bowls with the symbols incorporated I was guided to create a set of handmade glass gemstones to complement the existing bowls.  The gemstones have since developed their own journey and multiple purposes, some of the other ways I have heard of them being used include:

  • As healing gems on their own, placed on a clients body during a treatment
  • Beneath the healing couch during a Reiki session
  • On a table in the therapy room, clients being drawn to hold one while talking
  • As decoration in a treatment room
  • On a healing altar – a dedication to a specific area of focus or as a group focusing on holistic wellbeing
  • As a set, in the organza bag they come in, to intuitively select one or more gems which guide the focus of a self-healing session or dedication

image of chakra gemstones


Creating a dedication for the support you need right now

Select a chakra gemstone intuitively (ask the universe, or the angels, to show you what area is a priority for you right now and select a gemstone from the organza bag).

Hold the gemstone in your palm and ask what do you need to support this healing work.

Focus on the colour of the gemstone and invite that colour to surround you and to help you to feel its supportive properties.

Gather together, always listening to your intuition, items from around your home that can work together to support this healing.

Arrange these items in a clear space, perhaps on a table, desk or even a tray and include the gemstone within this arrangement.  Traditional items to include in such a dedication are crystals, a candle, a wand, other symbols, a mirror, a piece of paper with an affirmation or intention for healing written on it.  Be guided by your own intuition and include what works for you at this time.  If it doesn’t feel right, ask, does something need adding/removing/moving/adjusting within the arrangement?

When it feels right stop and feel the energy of the dedication grid that you have created, open your heart and allow the support to surround you and build within you.  Whenever you’re feeling depleted or challenged in that area, come back to the grid and refocus – does something need adjusting, adding or removing.

When you feel that this work has been done, thank the universe for the focus and love that has been shared with you, ask that the items in the arrangement be cleansed and cleared and dismantle it, returning your chakra gemstone to the bag ready for a future dedication.

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A painting from the ancestors

In between eating my way through the Halloween treats that I got in just for the trick or treaters (oops) I was drawn to consider the origins of this festival and what’s really behind the costumes.

Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and a time for reflection on the fortunes of the year thus far. It’s a time for remembering our loved ones who have passed and for honouring our ancestors. So, I asked my ancestors what would be a fitting tribute at this time, I was drawn to get some watercolour paint flowing. It had become clear that this would be shared and, when you think about it, if we all go back far enough we will have ancestors in common so maybe you will feel that this is a fitting way to honour yours too. Tonight is by far the easiest time to connect as the veil between the worlds is said to be thinnest at this time of year – this will remain the case for the next week or so.

I did film the process and it will be available here, but it’s taking an age to upload so, for now, here’s a guide to creating your own and I will post the video on my Facebook page here (hopefully later tonight).

It’s a simple process, you will need:
– some watercolour paper (or any reasonably thick paper that can stand getting quite wet)
– watercolour paints (I used a simple palette of block watercolour but tubes will be fine or watered down acrylic or kids poster paint if necessary)
– a big brush (a small decorators brush will do if necessary!)
– a couple of artists brushes, size not too important but smaller than the big one above
– a small pot of water, an empty jam jar for example, with water in

1. Start by taping your paper down so it stays quite flat. I did this on an piece of thin MDF but the kitchen surface would also be fine – as long as it’s not natural wood or got any porous bits in it!
2. Ask your ancestors to draw close so that you can create together.
3. Generously spread some water around on the paper – you don’t need to cover all of it, stop when you feel ready.
4. Now for the good bit. Wet one of your smaller brushes and get some paint on it, keep it quite wet and then touch the watery paper with it. Listen to your ancestors and create together, pulling the brush across the paper, spattering the paint onto the paper and adding more paint. Don’t overdo the colours at this paint, two or three at most!
5. Let it dry for a while.
6. Come back and check in with whether anything else needs to be added, it might be a fresh colour, more water, some droplets of water or colour. Go as you’re guided.
7. Leave it to dry, the colours will continue to run into each other and create abstract patterns as it dries – this is no time for controlling the results!

When you are done, consider what you might like to include in your dedication altar using your painting as the backdrop. Some traditions include sharing the evening meal, so you may want to plate up an extra meal and place it on your painting, you might want to add crystals, some fallen leaves or flowers from the garden and/or a Flower of Life plate, print or pendant if you have one.

Here’s how mine turned out, you are welcome to print yourself a copy of this to use as the basis for your own dedication if you’re not feeling into the whole painting thing today.  The file can be downloaded here.

Abstract watercolour painting


Wishing you a joyous Samhain and a blessed week.  I hope you can enjoy receiving some messages from spirit yourself as they draw close this week.

Update (on 1st November 2016).  Here’s how the painting is looking as an altar with a set of my handmade glass chakra bowls, candles, crystals and a singing bowl.  A lovely simple dedication that I’m enjoying having moments with throughout the day.

Dedication altar to the ancestors with a set of my handmade glass chakra bowls, candles, rose quartz crystals and a singing bowl.

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Lion’s Gate inspiration and creating space with the Full Moon

In the last week, August 8th to 12th, we had the Lions Gate portal open up with a new influx of energy, inspiration and closer connection. Have you reflected yet on how it was for you?
It may be worth having a review of last week, last Monday was the 8th through to Friday 12th.
I’d like to share with you a part of my review: I had a couple of commissions to work on and trotted off up the garden on Tuesday morning to work on them next to the kiln. As I prepared the space I really felt the Lion energy surging, in particular Sekhmet (the Egyptian Lion headed Goddess). As well as being known as the warrior goddess, she is also a goddess of healing. The commissions were Heartscape panels in glass, made with the seven chakra colours. (There are some plates made in the same process here.) Connecting to the clients’ divine perfection I felt guided as I formed the shapes and patterns in the glass, the colours found their unique patterns for each of the panels and the addition of Egyptian sand, mica and glittering golds felt into their own place in each piece. That connection to a client’s divine perfection is to create healing art for them, it creates a physical connection and reminder, in the form of the glass plate, to a healing treatment that keeps on giving, ever guiding to release any beliefs and patterns that may have been shifting them away from their own unique connection to all that is.

image of heartscape panels and coasters in the seven chakra colours

Everything I create is with a focus on finding our own balance within and so has that reminder that we each have access to a divine balance deep inside that we need only focus on to magnify and expand.  A commissioned piece focuses that connection to you even more strongly.

So, what has come up for you recently that you know you need to create space for?

The Full Moon is tomorrow, 18th August at 10.26am, the time when we are most supported by the energy around our planet to release all that we are ready to let go of. If there’s a lot in your life that you feel needs to go, then remember that we have a full moon opportunity every 28 days – so focus on what you are really ready to let go and then do it and create a little more space for what you really love.

There are many rituals and much guidance online for ways to embrace the full moon energy and release, I find the simpler the better – the focus needs to be on what you are releasing rather than on remembering detailed steps of a ritual. It’s your focus that does the work so follow some simple steps that resonate with you. The elements can support you – use fire to burn a written note of what you’re releasing; water to wash away the old in a meditation with a running stream; air to blow aware your worries on the breeze; earth to bury and transmute them and ground the new light coming in. And, of course there’s always the Release and Let Go spray (it’s created under the full moon with the Flower of Life, crystals, essential oils, flower essences and clearing intentions) to continue the work throughout the month.

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Random acts of kindness – together we can do so much more

Image of the 'Just Bee...' card with handwritten acts of kindness poem


This month 10% of all sales at, or on my stand at any of the events I’m doing, will go to fund random acts of kindness.

I’ve created this card from one of my favourite pastel drawings to start the ball rolling. It’s just begun it’s journey and shared this first part of its adventures with me so let’s see how far the Bee and friends can travel – you will also get one free with any order of £50 or more this month, which you can keep for a while and then send on its way by putting through someone’s door, leaving on a cafe table, pinning to a noticeboard… How else could you share the random act of kindness sentiment?

The Bee says “Just Bee…”

Inside is:
“I’m a random act of kindness
bringing some love to brighten your day
keep me for a while to encourage a smile
then send me on my way”

Together we can do so much more <3 x

This project began on 1 June 2016, it would have been Little Gran’s 115th birthday!  She had a lovely habit of hiding little gifts and denying all knowledge of them – the fairies must have put that there for you.  I’d like to bring some of that magic forward for others by gifting these cards randomly where people will find them.  I really felt her presence last night, we had a little chat and then she shared this idea, and so it began…



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Story of a Heartscape painting

It was the week leading up to my first ever stand at the Olympia Mind Body Spirit Show and amid fairly frantic last minute preparations I was guided to create a Heartscape painting to give away to someone visiting the event.  I welcomed the peace and connection that came with creating the painting and I knew that there was clear connection to one person that it was being created for, spirit guided the brush and the paint and together we created the first Heartscape painting.

Heartscape painting of April 2016

Heartscape of April 2016 painting


Further, I was to create a draw for people to enter so that the person it was created for could easily connect with the painting and with me.

The reaction from visitors to my stand was quite overwhelming, so many resonated with the painting and it became clear why everyone who entered needed to have access to create a print of it for themselves.  It has also sparked lots of interest in creating experiences for people to connect with and create their own heartscapes… more on that to come…

About a week after the event I pulled out the sheets of entries and,  together with my pendulum and connection to spirit, we chose the winner.  The process is captured on video here.  I contacted MB (the winner) that evening.  She was absolutely delighted, it turns out that the day that I had been guided to connect with her was particularly emotional for her and the news of the her win brought her a lot of joy.  She also felt that it was a good omen that she would be moving home shortly, something that she had been working on.

We have since connected online and about a week or so after receiving the painting she posted a picture of her belongings in the street, the painting was there with them wrapped up in its own special packaging.  Later that day she posted a beautiful and heart warming image of her new home and the Heartscape painting on the wall above a gorgeous art nouveau fireplace.

It has been such a joy to follow the journey of this painting and the love that it channeled to me as I created it and to its guardian in their new life together.


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Five steps to increasing Love, Joy & Happiness in Your Life

We enjoyed a lovely May afternoon at The Koorana Centre last Friday, releasing blocks to unconditional love.  A great group of people joined me to work with the colours and energy of the chakra bowls, himalayan salts and rose quartz crystals.

The feedback from each participant was great, with each experiencing the feeling of the different colours within their body, welcoming the colours into their life (whether subjectively they like the colour or not) with some surprises on the feelings raised and the insights received.

We worked through the guided ritual above, really feeling the power of the crystals and the pure colours of the handmade glass connect us with inner balance and unconditional love.

The little bowls of gorgeousness are finding lots of new homes and can be found here on the website with or without salt and crystals.  They are a great size for tealight candles too – bringing light into every aspect of our being.


Image of chakra bowls and their gift packaging


5 simple steps to increasing love, joy and happiness in your life  image of the five steps (also shown in the text of the article)

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Manifesting New Beginnings, Fertility And Growth this May

Image showing a dedication to Beltane, the Fire Festival.

On Sunday 1st May we celebrate Beltane in the UK, the fire festival, a time of new beginnings, fertility and growth. Those ideas that have been coming in recently – it’s time now to begin manifesting or to increase focus on projects already in progress. This would be a great time to consider a project that you would really like to see progress and grow this year and to create an altar or crystal grid to focus on that.

Image showing a dedication to Beltane, the Fire Festival.

In my Beltane dedication I’ve included (from the bottom up) a piece of selenite (strengthening the structure of the roots) two quartz points (amplifying and directing the energy upwards), two hag stones (symbolising wisdom – these were found on the beach), my Platinum Flower of Life Fire Element plate with a candle (for fire, balance and light), two wooden hearts, six rose quartz crystals (unconditional love), a third quartz point and a bottle of New Beginnings Spray. Throughout the month, I will use the spray to bring the energy of the grid into my aura, energy and home. I’ve put this in a place where I will see it each day so that it will remind me of the energy of this time and the projects that I am focusing on. Later I will add some Hawthorn, Rowan or Birch (preferably windfall or ask permission of the tree before taking).

My Beltane dedication is based on a sketch from my art journal – Tree of Fire – I shared this in my email Newsletter earlier this week.  If you would like a printable copy to work with for your own Beltane dedication then please add your details here and I’ll send you a copy.

To really increase the energy and focus there may be a May Day celebration locally or a Beltane fire festival that you can join in too or, if you prefer nature for company, then walking out in nature and listening to your inner guidance on where to focus at this time can be particularly fruitful.

We also have the New Moon coming up on May 6th, so a lovely high energy week for new beginnings, manifesting and planning. Write down all those steps that come to mind when you are focused on your new beginnings and remember to take action to bring the inspiration into physical form.

Wishing you lots of love and fortune in your life and projects.
Jayne x

For more on Beltane and suggestions of ways to work with the energy of this festival see: or Google Meaning of Beltane.

For fabulous and ethically sourced crystals, see (or visit their stand at Olympia this weekend too).



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