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Angel Wings Sconce - small light and candle screen - green blend

A unique piece.  Curved glass screen in green blended handmade glass with scattered flecks of gold mica to reflect the light and a deep blue angel wing design.  Offering alignment with the protective energies of Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, or the colours may resonate for you with your own guardian angel.
Measures approximately 17cm wide by 13-14cm high.  Stands on its own, great on a fireplace, desk or shelf with a candle or small lamp behind or on a windowsill enhancing the natural light.

Mug included in the photo (not included with the sconce!) as an indication of the size of this sconce.

The colours and placement of the gold flecks varies with each piece.  Trust that the right one will come to you, or ask me for a photo to confirm your choice.
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